About Us

Human Resources Management platform designed for SMB's, developed by human resources executives

Ulloo is a User-friendly Human Resources Management Platform that enables organizations to transform human resource processes into a true Digital environment

We offer a full suite of modules to recruit, manage your organization's workforce and drive performance.

With Ulloo you have the flexibility of implementing all or some of our modules. We will design a solution tailored to your specific organizational needs.

Our holistic solution delivers real-time analytics provides you with workforce insights enabling the business to make data-driven decisions


Why Ulloo?

At Ulloo We believe every organization, regardless of its size or industry, should have access to a comprehensive human capital management digital experience

Flexible - Best practices are nice but not always relevant for everyone. With Ulloo you have the ability to adapt the system to your organizational needs 

Holistic but Specific - Ulloo provides a suite of modules to manage the full employee lifecycle, however, you have the freedom to pick and choose what you really need

Manage HR KPI's to optimize recruiting processes, employee engagement, turnover rates, etc.

Accessible and available on multiple platforms - all you need is an internet connection and a computer/mobile phone/Tablet

Quick set up - You will have a system up and running in no time

Full support from HRIS and HR industry experts


Our Solutions


Core HR

Record and track the complete employee life cycle

Capture all required personal /employment data and documents to centralize the entire employee information

Get quick and easy access to each employee' file with just one click



Manage the full recruitment cycle in one platform while keeping applicant information organized through every phase of the hiring process

Automate communication throughout the hiring process to enhance internal and external collaboration

Get live data analytics to identify  setbacks, improve the hiring process and generate visualized reports to present your management  


Performance Management

Create a unique tailored performance review process to meet your specific organizational needs

Set, track, and manage employees' goals and objectives

Monitor the process progress and results supported by live data analytics 



Make data-driven HR decisions and identify trends by reviewing real-time data

Get insights on; diversity, talent flow, turnover, employee performance, and recruitment, all on one interactive interface

Generate instant reports to support day to day activities and ongoing processes


Engagement Surveys

Create custom surveys to measure employee satisfaction to enhance employee engagement

Monitor the process and results on a real-time visualized dashboard

Discover engagement trends and internal discrepancies as a base for work and improvement plans


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